After two years of the league being dominated by Bayern Munich, the German Championship finally returned to Wolfsburg last week for the first time since 2014. 

One player that has featured in the squad and been a vital piece of the puzzle for the past few years, is Nilla Fischer. The Swedish international has since become the captain of the team and leads the way for one of the strongest sides in the world of women’s football. While they fell short to FC Bayern the past couple of years, the green-whites have finally clinched the trophy again, with the double possible as Wolfsburg face SC Sand in the DFB Pokal final today.

“We’ve had the much needed continuity this year. I think it really helped that we all played together for another year,” Fischer explained. 

“We always have a great physis and our staff has constantly prepared us well, we’ve always had a plan.“


On an individual level, it was a great season for the 32-year-old, scoring a total of five goals, making her one of the most dangerous defenders in the Frauen-Bundesliga. A personal record for Fischer when it comes to league competition. 

She said: “You get into that kind of flow and just keep scoring. I don’t score goals very often so I’m very happy. But the most important thing is that we, as a team, win.”

Perhaps another goal is possible today in the cup final?

The Frauen-Bundesliga was as exciting as ever this season, with the title decided late on and the final UEFA Women’s Champions League spot going down to the final day of the season. Fischer commented on its depth and strength. 

“It’s the strongest league in the world,” Fischer believes, even though no German team featured in the semi-final of the Champions League. 

“Sure, Olympique Lyon is the best team in France, but the league isn’t as strong. The gap to other teams is too high“, she explains.


Other countries continue to invest in women’s football. England especially, has committed more money to acquire top players. US-stars like Carli Lloyd, Crystal Dunn and Heather O’Reily now feature in the FA WSL, and Fischer outlined that while that investment was positive, she also stressed that the game cannot become all about money.

“I think it’s positive that more money gets involved,” Fischer said. 

“The league in England keeps improving. But I think we need to be careful that it’s not always about money.

“Kosovare Asllani and Hedvig Lindahl always tell me that they (the clubs) do everything possible for them to train and provide physio treatment, etc“, Fischer said. 

“But we need to be careful that it’s not just two or three clubs who always get the money because then the gaps opens up again.“

But for now – full focus is on her own team and today’s cup final. “We want to win every title!“


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