So this is my first column since the end of March and a lot has happened in that time, including finally making my debut for the Breakers.

I had to wait a long time, so it felt good to finally make my first appearance, and it was a really cool experience to do it in Portland in front of such a big crowd. I had never experienced a crowd like that during my time with LSK, but fortunately I have played in front of big crowds at the Euros and World Cup.

Of course we were disappointed by the result, but personally I was just happy to be back on the pitch, and I didn’t expect to play 90 minutes, which was a bonus. I didn’t think I was able to play the full 90, but I felt better than expected, and it was a relief that I was in better shape than I thought.

Obviously playing my first game outside of Norway meant a different style, but I was prepared for that having spoken to the girls and Matt (Beard). I could also see it in practice, so I felt good. I haven’t played a home game yet and I’m really looking forward to that because the Boston fans have been great, and I really want to experience a home atmosphere. Boston really feels like a sports city and the people care about the teams here, which is really cool.

I managed to take in a game at Fenway Park with some friends from Norway to watch the Red Sox recently, which was cool. I had never seen a baseball game before, so I didn’t know the rules, but the atmosphere was great and I plan to go back.

Emilie Haavi in action against Boston College (Picture: Boston Breakers)

I feel like I’ve settled in well now, and I have certainly seen that Norwegian and American cultures are very different. But a lot of things are similar, like the food, but I don’t have a television, so I haven’t watched any of the big US sitcoms that people talk about – I tend to watch a lot of stuff on my computer.

But I’ve also had some time away with the Norwegian team, which was the first opportunity I’d had in 2017 due to my injuries. It was great to be back and I enjoyed working with Martin Sjögren for the first time. I like the way he wants us to play and he’s a nice person too.

He is very clear on what he wants us to do. We practice that, and then take that into the game, which is the most important thing.

We played the USA last week, which was a tough game because they are a great team. I was pleased to start the game and it was really physical, but I think we played a good game. It’s the first time I feel we had the US under control and they didn’t create a lot of chances. I think we played well and can take a lot of positives from that.


Obviously during that game Rose Lavelle went off injured and is going to be out for a little while. It’s a blow to us at Boston because she has probably been our best player, and that’s a bummer for us. We have some other injuries too, so we didn’t need this, but we have a lot of good players here.

I’m now back in Boston and we have four games left before the Euros start. We need to win some games and we need some points to climb the table. Personally, I want to score some goals and create some chances, and help the team get better moving forward.

I’ll speak to you again soon.