To the Yeovil Family,

You are likely reading this after the news of my departure at the end of the season has been made public.

I’ve written and re-written this letter a number of times, but wanted to explain my decision and take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you.

I have always put the club’s interest first and tried to steer this special club in the right direction. The club is special because it has such a great empathy for its people, and that is what makes families work even at the hardest points. When facing its biggest challenges, the people of this club still make it happen!

The journey we have seen Yeovil Town Ladies go on can only be seen as magical, as we have faced every challenge and beaten it. We have maximised our limitations and we have continued to fight in the face of adversity, and we have been able to do this because of the strength of each other.

Today now gives the club an opportunity to embark on a brave new adventure and one I am sure that will see this club continue to fight, continue to prove the doubters wrong, and continue to beat any challenges that it will face.

I joined this club as a fan and I was given an amazing opportunity to join as a coach by Sarah Lawler, and for this I am truly thankful. The opportunity bestowed upon me to become Interim Manager given to me by David Mills was a great honour, and again I cannot expressed my gratitude for that.

(Picture: Yeovil Town Ladies)

The day I was appointed First Team manager felt like every boys dream had come true, and the faith and support the board, led by Mr Allinson, have given me since that day has been unshakeable, and this has given me more than anyone would know.

I would like to sincerely thank every player that has been involved with YTLFC and please be assured every decision and every opinion is purely football, and I have so much time and respect for what every single player has given this club, and in turn me in helping YTLFC become one of the best clubs in the country.

It’s also important that all the staff (past and present) are given every piece of thanks because they have made my job a simple one, and one that I’m sure I will miss along with you all.

There are also a couple of people I want to say a huge thanks to and that is Ben and Tony. Your support, trust and confidence in the road we have taken has been immense!

I would like to give a huge word to Emma Britton, who bought into the idea that we can create our own dreams, and her devotion to the club inspired me to want this club to achieve its dreams!

(Picture: Yeovil Town Ladies)

To the supporters, fans and critics of this club and of me – thank you because without your support, I could not have continued to either achieve for you or prove the doubters wrong.

Also to my wife Katie, you have been my rock and have kept our family strong when I’ve devoted so much time, heart and energy into Yeovil. You have stood by me and supported it all, and without you and my family all of the last four years, none of this would have been achieved – you have driven me to want to achieve so much for this club.

One last thank you and this goes to the heart beat of this club and, that is Trevor Jenkins. Over the last four years I have seen Trevor single handedly raise the ambition, profile and professionalism of this club, and the work he does that goes hugely unnoticed. He is the reason why this club is so great.

So, soon I leave this club and return to being a fan and a loud one as that!

Thank you for having me as your supporter, coach and manager. It has truly been a privilege and an honour to be the person who has seen this club grow, develop and win from such close quarters.