So after a nightmare journey home from Spain following hours of delays, I’m back in the UK for a few days before the squad departs for the Netherlands this week.

It’s been an intense three weeks since meeting up with the team at St George’s Park, before heading to Copenhagen for the game with Denmark, and then warm weather training in Valencia. But it has been class!

St George’s Park provides us with all the facilities we need for preparation, which has been really key, while Valencia was really positive, not just for the warm weather training, but also for team morale and camaraderie too.

Training has been tough, but we’ve had some chill time as well, so there has been a good balance. The spirit in the camp is really high and everyone is looking really good in training. We’re just getting excited now for the first game next week.

This is obviously my first senior tournament with England and there is a really good feel within the group. As a collective, we get on really well and there is good banter within the team. We have a large group of staff that are supporting us any way they can, and they’re great, so everything is going to plan in terms of preparation – and I think social media has highlighted some of the work we’ve carried out.

But while we’ve worked incredibly hard, there has been an opportunity to have a bit of a laugh, while also taking us out of our comfort zone. We had the Director of the musical Les Miserables and his wife come to St George’s Park to put us through our paces.


They got us to sing and perform a choreographed scene from a West End show, and then we were divided up into teams and had to perform a song in front of the group.

My team had to do a song from Les Miserables, while the winning team performed a song from West Side Story. It was really tough because the songs were complex and took you out of your comfort zone, but it was hilarious.

Obviously after SGP we went out to Denmark to play against our fellow EURO 2017 qualifiers, and it was a game that really gave us what we needed.

They’re a good side and it was a tough encounter. There was quite a large crowd so it was quite hostile and we had to grind out a result. We played the game off the back of two weeks of tough training, so it really challenged us mentally. But it was a good win and two good goals from Ellen White, so we’re just really pleased with the win.

For me as an individual, I’m coming into this tournament with a lot of confidence and think I’ve settled into this team really well. I’ve got a real desire to win and I’m confident I can play a big part in the EUROs, but every player will feel that. My domestic form has been good, so I’m just super excited for my first tournament with England.

And as a group, we’re pushing each other because we’re not just there to make up the numbers, we’re there to win the tournament and we believe we’re in a position to do that.

But we have to take it a game at a time, and there are few bigger to open with than Scotland. I think it’s going to be an amazing game with the rivalry and the history, so I think it could be a feisty one.

It’s a shame for my club teammate Jen Beattie to miss out with injury, and we’ll have to make sure we keep my other colleague Jane Ross quiet. There’s been plenty of banter back at Man City in the lead up to this game, but now its time to focus and we’re relishing the challenge.

Its been a tiring few weeks and we’ve been stretched, but everyone is better for it, and hopefully come next Wednesday, everyone will be flying.