So its just a matter of days before the EUROs kick off and we have the honour of opening the whole tournament against the host nation this Sunday – I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!

Preparation has been really good and we obviously had a tough match against France this week, which was our final warm up game.

I think we struggled a bit in the first half against them. When we won the ball we didn’t manage to keep it as well as we know we can, and we had to do a lot of running in between.

But I felt like the second half was a little bit better, and especially in the last 15 minutes, we managed to press France and created some chances. I´m happy that we got a late equaliser and the character we showed. We fought our way back into the game, which finished 1-1.

It has been really positive training under Martin Sjogren our coach. I feel like we´re starting to get ready as we’ve had a good week of training together, and still have a few days before it all kicks off. I feel like everybody is super excited and I personally can´t wait for it to get started.

I feel very fortunate that I can do what I love the most in the world, with some of my best friends. I know some people wonder what its like when you’re in camp with the same people all the time for a number of weeks. Honestly, its not bad at all.

I think you have to learn that sometimes there will be periods of boredom because you spend a lot of time in your room relaxing. But that’s not an issue because we’re watching movies, TV, playing cards or games and just hanging out.

If we’re staying in a city, I would never say no to grabbing a good cup of coffee either!

But looking ahead to Sunday, it is going to be cool playing on front of a sold out crowd in Utrecht. I like playing in front of big crowds and while I can get nervous ahead of the game, once I’m on the field, I manage to block everything out.


It’s a huge tournament and probably the closest one I have been involved in, there are many teams who can win it.

For us, of course it’s always important to produce good results in big tournaments, but this is also a team with a lot of players for the future. We haven’t set a goal regarding results this time, but I know that none of us are entering the pitch with no other goals than to win the game.

We know it’s a hard group where anyone can beat anyone. But if we play at our best, I am confident we can do well and go far into the tournament. But for now, all I am thinking about is Sunday and the Netherlands, and I really cannot wait.